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Okay, sorry guys for the spaz of journals and not writing a decent journal for a while.

:bulletpink: School :bulletpink:
~ Kay, so as far as school goes, hasn't started yet for me. Second semester starts next Wednesday for meh. :D woo!
~ I am very excited to go back to college. haven't been this excited to go back to school in like forever. Seeing all my friends and can't wait to make new ones in my new classes.
~ My school books came in today and I was super excited. and as you can tell still am :D

:bulletgreen: Short Stories :bulletgreen:
~ Those haven't been going too well right now. Sorry all. Fayte and Luke are still there and so it Tray, if anyone's interested in the musician in my head.

:bulletpurple: Fluffie Project :bulletpurple:
~ That I think I've given up on for now. Might go back to it during the summer or spring when I actually have some time. I've just been so lazy with things lately which isn't a good thing.

:bulletred: :bulletyellow: :bulletwhite: AHS Novel :bulletwhite: :bulletyellow: :bulletred:
~ Drawings aren't happening anytime soon either.
~ I did have something for the novel though and I was going to type it up, but I lost it when I opened my notebook and word document. :/ not good. hoping to get that back sometime soon.

:bulletblack: No Name Novel :bulletblack:
~ This one is going swimmingly. Just got some inspiration to actually do more with this. I tweaked a part in Chapter 3 big time and it's up here. now what I have to do is figure out where to go with it in Chapter 4. I'm stuck, but I'm sure I'll get over my stuckness soon, hopefully over this weekend. :D

:bulletblue: Extra :bulletblue:
~ Now for the AWESOME NEWS! so one of my friends :iconannaluiza993: is an amazing photographer and I asked her to do a cover for my No Name Novel. Well she sent me a quick sample of the colors for Twila's hair and eyes and what she did was perfect! For Howls With Wolves by annaluiza993 <--- THAT'S IT! I also have a two more pictures from other friends who drew my four main characters.
HowlswithWolves Request by DeseraeSterling <--- this is from :icondeseraesterling: and this one ---> Twila and Astra with a Wolf by MikiClover is from :iconmikiclover:
~ Check out all their artwork, because it's amazing and I love them!
~ As for everything else...meaning art trades and requests/gift...I'm sorry for taking soooo long. :/

That is all. :)

:bulletorange: Fluffie Requests/Gifts :bulletorange:

:icononlyprettysure: - Snow Leopard Fluffy named Snowy :star-half:

:iconmikiclover: - Lion or Cheetah Fluffy not named :star-half:

:bulletblue: Art Trades :bulletblue:

:iconmauneko83: - short story with two oc's Manda and Kisa :star-empty:

:iconmikiclover: - short story with two oc's Wild and Tiara :star-empty:
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onlyprettysure Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Awesome to hear from you :meow: You have a dece network, girl XD
Howls-with-Wolves Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2012  Student Writer
a dece network? lol aw glad you appreciate hearing from me my love :aww:
onlyprettysure Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012  Professional Filmographer
annaluiza993 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
AHH :D :dance:
Howls-with-Wolves Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2012  Student Writer
AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :happybounce:
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